The Importance of Glasses for Senior Citizens

The Importance of Glasses for Senior Citizens

Specialists at the University of Alabama, USA conducted a study in a nursing home. After examining the state of physical and psychological health of more than a hundred people over fifty-five years old, they proved that glasses for older people are necessary and they can make the life of an elderly person much easier.

Scientists also argue that while wearing glasses, an elderly person can get rid of depression. 78 elderly people who started wearing glasses a week after the medical examination and 64 people who put them two months later were examined. The quality of life and the level of vision of all older people at the very beginning of a scientific project were absolutely the same.

But at the end of the study, in older people from the first group, there was a significant improvement in vision and psychological state.

According to experts, an elderly person with a better vision is likely to feel more confident and comfortable in any life situations.

How to Pick the Right Frame for the Elderly?

Glasses for the elderly are a necessity. But you also need to consider the aesthetic factor. The below tips can help senior citizens pick the right frame to meet their requirements:

The material from which cheap metal frames (of unknown origin) are made can cause severe allergic reactions and skin irritations. Pay special attention to this fact if the elderly person is prone to allergies.

An elderly person needs comfort, so the rim of glasses for older people needs to be comfortable, it must not “tire” them even with constant usage. Pay attention to the “little things” – nose pads and arms. Choose glasses with soft and movable silicone nose pads, because hard ones are likely to put pressure on the bridge of your nose, thereby resulting in unnecessary fatigue. The arms should not press the ear region, and their size should be selected in accordance with the distance from the rim to the bulge behind the ear.

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