The Effects of Stress on the Body of The Elderly

The Effects of Stress on the Body of The Elderly

Stress accompanies us all our lives in one form or the other. Without it, it is impossible to imagine the everyday life of a modern person. In the elderly, stress can cause some major lifestyle changes & negatively affect their daily activities. Older people are encouraged to deal with stress in the same way a person would have done at a younger age. This state does not cause positive emotions and sensations, respectively, the desire to get rid of it is quite natural. Studies have been conducted during which several elderly people were observed. The following data were studied: gender, age, lifestyle, physical health, history of smoking (if any), mental state, etc. Studies have shown that active people were less stressed and more physically healthy than their fellows, who were passive in their movements.

When thinking of following an active lifestyle, you should not only consider sports, hiking, and exercise but constant movement as well. Hence, it’s important that a senior stays liberated in regards to their movement as well. If you watch, you can see that some older people look healthy, active, and move easily, despite their age. At the same time, another group of old people appears a bit weaker, find it very challenging to move & also they suffer from various illnesses every now & then. This increases their odds of suffering from stress. 

What happens to our bodies during stress?

Under the influence of an external or internal factor that causes physical or mental stress, adrenaline and norepinephrine are released in higher doses in our body. These hormones may provoke the following reactions in our body:

Increase in the heartbeat

Dilation of the blood vessels in the muscles

Rapid eye movements


Stress may also trigger other common issues in seniors such as:

Problems with appetite, weight gain or sudden weight loss.

Difficulty in breathing, the development of hypertension and shortness of breath.

Sleep disturbances and frequent headaches, as well as chronic fatigue and noticeable irritability.

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