Swelling of Feet in Senior Citizens

Swelling of Feet in Senior Citizens

Swelling of the feet in older people is a phenomenon so frequent that many of them seem to be just another and not the biggest trouble on the background of many years of health problems.

Swelling in seniors:

This is a visible or invisible accumulation of fluid under the skin, in or around the internal organs. Visible congestion is something that can be determined visually, or by pressing. Swelling on the legs is usually not only clearly visible but also perceptible: they make even well-worn shoes cramped.

Invisible accumulation of fluid is usually defined by a person as gravity, weight gain, inability to fasten clothes with a belt — it simply does not converge at the waist, although the matter is not at all complete.

The main causes of edema are:

Reduced pressure in the capillaries – the smallest vessels of the human body (hydrostatic edema)

A decrease in the content of proteins in the blood plasma (hypoproteinemic)

Increased permeability of the capillary walls due to local inflammation or impaired neuroregulation (membranogenic type)

Endocrine changes with increased production of the hormone aldosterone, which retains sodium ions in tissues.

Lymph congestion below the thrombus due to the blockade of blood outflow in the tissues around the thrombosed vessels.

Each of these causes always means a specific disease. They can be identified through various types of tests.

Edema is only a reason to suspect the disease, but they are not the main diagnostic sign.

What do leg edema mean in older people?

A doctor examining an elderly person with swollen legs is required to think about several diseases such as:

Kidney disease,

Cardiac disorders,

Diseases related to vascular and foot joints, for example, varicose veins or rheumatoid arthritis,

Endocrine Pathologies,

Respiratory diseases,

Liver disease.

Endocrine edema:

In appearance, they are very similar to those of the heart: such edemas are symmetrical, dense to the touch, immobile, and when pressed, there is no trace of fingers. With them, there is no redness and temperature.

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