Most Common Skin Problems Of Older Individuals

Most Common Skin Problems Of Older Individuals

As a senior citizen, you should educate yourself no how to take care of an aging skin for you to prevent skin problems and diseases associated with an aging skin. Besides, you should also be aware of the skin problems and diseases that you are trying to avoid. This way, you will be able to develop a more effective approach towards caring for your skin. That is why we thought it is necessary to briefly discus for you some of the most common skin problems of people who are 65 and older.

As you grow older, your skin becomes naturally dryer and thinner, making it easier to dry out and damage. This makes it more susceptible and sensitive to various skin conditions and diseases. Even though everyone’s skin is different, it is important that we are aware of some common skin problems and conditions that affect mostly seniors.

  1. Senile purpura

Senile purpura is a skin disorder whereby your skin starts to have discoloration. The specific disorder is known as the purple spots, which appear mostly on the legs and arms. This disorder is typically caused by the skin getting very thin that the blood capillaries and vessels get exposed because they are close to the skin surface.

  • Dermatitis

Dermatitis is typically characterized by itchy or overly dry skin, and it can be very irritating sometimes. While dermatitis is common in every age group, it usually becomes a dangerous condition for those people who are concerned with elderly skin care. Stasis dermatitis is usually mild and the patient only feels some irritation and the skin is moderately dry. But sometimes, the symptoms can become worse, specifically in exfoliative dermatitis, whereby there is an excessive shedding and peeling. You should get these conditions under control without wasting time as they can potentially lead to various serious infections, which can put your overall health at risk.

  • Skin growths

You can notice new skin tags or unusual growths on your skin. If you see these symptoms, you should go see your doctor. While most skin growths are not serious, some are actually cancerous. So, you should see your doctor and have them checked out as soon as possible so that they can be monitored closely and identify whether if there are any issues before they get out of control.

  • Skin parasites/infections

If you notice an unpleasant swelling, rash, or you notice that your skin is abnormally warm when you touch it, then you could be suffering from a skin parasite or infection. From parasitic to bacterial infections, this can be a very serious skin problem that should be controlled immediately so getting 2019 medicare advantage plans at can help you with care costs